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FAQs On Public Adjusters & Insurance Claims

Have questions on what exactly a Public Adjuster is and how we can help you to receive the MAXIMUN payout that you are intitled to according to your policy? We have the answers you need and we are always here to answer your specific questions in our offices, on the phone at (954) 491-4646 or by email.

What is a Public Adjuster?

A Public Adjuster is a licensed and bonded professional who is regulated by state statues. Public Adjusters are required to have extensive training and today must go through a one-year apprenticeship program before they can represent a claim. In addition to attending many seminars and meetings, Public Adjusters are required to complete 24 hours of continuing education and test every two years. A Public Adjusters works solely on your behalf. A Public Adjuster will prepare accurate estimates reflecting current market cost, meet with the insurance adjusters, prepare all necessary documentation, communicate with the insurance adjuster on all matters, and make certain you achieve the equitable settlement you are entitled to.

What are the different kinds of adjusters?

There are 3 types of adjusters. An insurance adjuster who solely represents the insurance company. His interests are in behalf of the insurance company. The second is an independent. Independents are employed by insurance companies when they do not have enough of their own adjusters to handle the workload. The third is a Public Adjuster. A Public Adjuster represents you the insured and your interest.

How much will it cost for the use of a Public Adjuster.

There is no cost until we collect from your insurance company. We will handle your claim for a small percentage upon payment.

By using a Public Adjuster can my insurance company raise my rates?

The Department of Insurance law prohibits insurance companies from taking any adverse actions on the insured for electing the right to representation on an insurance claim

If I have already received a payment for my insurance claim, can I still use a Public Adjuster?

Yes. You are entitled to receive the maximum amount of coverage for your loss. We will re-open the claim and fight to recover the full amount you are entitled to under the policy

Am I better off using a Public Adjuster after I see what offer I get from my insurance company?

NO! The average individual does not understand the claim process and often supplies incorrect information which can be held against the insured, in some cases even causing a denial of the claim. By using Horizon, we make certain that everything is correctly presented.

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